2009 CMS Winter Meeting
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, December 5 - 7, 2009


University of Windsor

Centre de recherches mathématiques

Fields Institute


Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

[Registration is closed, on-site registration only]

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) and the University of Windsor invite the mathematical community to the 2009 CMS Winter Meeting. The program will include ten plenary and prize lectures, and a wide variety of sessions.

All scientific talks and social events will take place at the Hilton Hotel and the Radisson Hotel; the registration desk will be located in the Riverfront Club Room of the Hilton Hotel.

Prizes and Awards

Adrien Pouliot Award - Walter Whiteley (York)
Coxeter-James Prize - Patrick Brosnan (UBC)
Doctoral Prize - Mark Braverman (Toronto)
G. de B. Robinson Award - Vladimir Manuilov (Moscow State), Klaus Thomsen (Aarhus)
Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service - Christiane Rousseau (Montréal)

Plenary Speakers

Jonathan Borwein (Newcastle, NSW)
Anthony To-Ming Lau (Alberta)
Naomi Leonard (Princeton)
Nancy Reid (Toronto)
Christine Shoemaker (Cornell)
David Vogan (MIT)

Public Lecture

Alan H. Schoenfeld (Berkeley)

Scientific Director: Dan Britten (Windsor)
Chair, Local Arrangements: Ejaz Ahmed (Windsor)


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