The 2021 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge -- Oct 28/29

The 2021 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge — Oct 28/29

Nicolae Strungaru

Problem of the Week

by Prof. Nicolae Strungaru, Grant MacEwan University

The COMC Problem of the Week is hosted on Wizedemy. You can find the 2021 problems here. Please note that you need to log in to Wizedemy in order to view and solve the problems.

The COMC has three parts. In part A solutions do not require work be shown and may be possible to do in your head. In part B the problems begin to draw on more knowledge and have some more challenging aspects that will need a pencil and paper to solve. By Part C the problems require that work be shown and involve arguments to support the answer.

We have selected a cross section of contest problems from a variety of national and regional contests that we hope will stimulate interest in problem solving and give some experience to get ready to write the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge in November. The problem areas are not tied to particular grade levels, or to the curriculum but cover a number of areas from algebra, through logic and some geometry.

We will post solutions to these problems one week later, but teachers should be aware that determined students may be able to locate solutions elsewhere online before then.

For a more comprehensive set of problems and solutions at each of these levels, please feel welcome to download past official exams and solutions from our archive.

Need more COMC Problems-of-the-Week? Take a look at the set from past years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, or 2013!

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