The 2020 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge — Oct 29/30


The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) is Canada's premier national mathematics competition open to any student with an interest in and grasp of high school math. The purpose of the COMC is to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about mathematics and problem solving. The competition serves to provide teachers with a unique student enrichment activity during the fall term.

Approximately 80 top-ranking students from the COMC and the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Repêchage (CMOQR) will be invited to write the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO). Based on the results from the COMC, the CMO and other national and international mathematics competitions and camps, the Canadian Mathematical Society IMO Committee will then select six students as part of Math Team Canada to travel to, and compete in, the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Top COMC female contestants will also qualify to be part of Girls’ Math Team Canada to represent Canada at the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO). EGMO is an international mathematics competition.

Depending on their grade level and performance, students participating in the COMC will also have the opportunity to be considered for university scholarships, get invited to math camps, garner awards, and win prizes.

Thank you for participating in the 2020 COMC!

The 2020 exam paper (PDF) is available for download.

Next Year's Date:

The 2021 COMC will be held on Thursday, October 28th in Canada and the Americas (anywhere in North/South American time zones), and on Friday, October 29th elsewhere in the world.

COMC 2020 Competition:

This year's competition is officially complete. Thank you to all our students, teachers, volunteers at our partner universities and to our sponsors!

Final scores have been released to teachers. Teachers can log into their school accounts in order to see their students' official results, including awards. They can also download or print their students' certificates.

This year, the quartiles divided at the scores 22, 33, and 44 points out of 80.

The award winners have been announced for all categories and regions.

Teachers can log in to their school accounts at any time.

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