2021 CMS Winter Meeting

Ottawa, June 7 - 11, 2021


Let's replace Calculus with calculus
Org: Andrijana Burazin (University of Toronto Mississauga), Lauren DeDieu (University of Calgary), Miroslav Lovric (McMaster University) and Peter Taylor (Queen's)

DARJA BARR, University of Manitoba
Satisfaculus: Teaching Calculus for Student Empowerment  [PDF]

This talk will explore the idea of teaching Calculus with student satisfaction as the ultimate learning objective.

ANDIE BURAZIN AND LAUREN DEDIEU, University of Calgary & University of Toronto Mississauga
Teaching Calculus: New Objectives  [PDF]

Large classes, fixed curriculum, consistency in assessments, maintaining standards and difficulty of course content, new student expectations, varying levels of mathematical background knowledge, and the list goes on. How do we improve our calculus courses under these constraints? In this talk, we plan to discuss three new objectives so that the first-year calculus experience is more meaningful and better resonates with our students.


MIROSLAV LOVRIC, McMaster University
Old Ideas Might be New New Ideas  [PDF]

Hoping to find something new, some new idea about teaching and learning calculus, and declare it to be a true innovation, is in my view futile. We have seen it all before. We have seen beautiful ideas (not just in teaching math, but in teaching other subjects as well) produce good and exciting results. However, there were ideas and attempts that, for one reason or another, did not work as desired, and that we likely forgot about. Can we resurrect something from the graveyard of those abandoned ideas? I think so.

RICHELLE MARYNOWSKI, University of Lethbridge
Is there a difference between teaching Calculus and learning calculus?  [PDF]

Teaching Calculus or learning calculus...different perspectives on the focus. Shifting the perspective from what is being taught to what is being learned opens up space for focusing on what is important in the teaching, learning, and assessment of calculus and potentially in other areas of mathematics.


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