2020 CMS Winter Meeting

Montreal, December 4 - 7, 2020


Scientific Sessions

All scientific sessions will take place at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.

Additive Combinatorics and Discrete Geometry
Org: Malabika Pramanik and Josh Zahl (UBC)
Algebraic Combinatorixx (Women in AC)
Org: Angele Foley (Laurier) and Steph van Willigenburg (UBC)
Algebraic Geometry of Integrable Systems
Org: Michael Groechenig (Toronto) and Steven Rayan (Saskatchewan)
Analysis on Metric Measure Spaces
Org: Tullia Dymarz (UW Madison) and Talia Fernós (UNC Greensboro)
Applications and Recent Developments in Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Org: Kevin Church (McGill) and Robert Smith? (Ottawa)
Arithmetic Statistics
Org: Chantal David (Concordia), Matilde Lalin (UdeM) and Jerry Wang (Waterloo)
Combinatorial Designs
Org: Peter Dukes (UVic), Karen Meagher (Regina) and Brett Stevens (Carleton)
Org: Ann Broadbent (Ottawa) and Douglas Stebila (Waterloo)
Derived Categories and (Non)commutative Algebraic Geometry
Org: Matthew Ballard (USC), Nitin Chidambaram (Alberta) and David Favero (Alberta)
Discrete Analysis
Org: Tess Anderson (Purdue), Leo Goldmakher (Williams) and Brandon Hanson (Georgia)
Enumerative Combinatorics
Org: Alejandro Morales (UMass Amherst)
Equidistribution on Arithmetic Manifolds
Org: Ilya Khayutin (Northwestern) and Simon Marshall (Wisconsin)
Feynman Integrals: Combinatorics and Motives
Org: Simon Caron-Huot (McGill)
Fibrations and Degenerations in Algebraic Geometry
Org: Chuck Doran (Alberta) and Andrew Harder (Lehigh)
Geometric and Computational Spectral Theory
Org: Alexandre Girouard (Université Laval), Jean Lagacé (University College London), Michael Levitin (University of Reading) and Nilima Nigam (Simon Fraser University)
History and Philosophy of Mathematics
Kähler Geometry
Org: Vestislav Apostolov and Julien Keller (UQAM)
Logic and Applications
Org: Marcin Sabok (McGill) and Anush Tserunyan (Mcgill/UIUC)
Mathematical biology
Org: Claire Guerrier (Université Côte d'Azur) and Anmar Khadra (McGill)
Mathematical finance
Org: Cody Hyndman and Melina Mailhot (Concordia)
Optimal Transport and Applications
Org: Jun Kitagawa (Michigan State) and Abbas Momeni (Carleton)
Probability in Number Theory
Org: Louis-Pierre Arguin and Andrew Granville (Université de Montréal)
Random Matrices
Org: Elliot Paquette (Ohio Sate/McGill)
Representation Theory and Symmetric Functions
Org: Francois Bergeron, Christophe Hohlweg and Franco Saliola (UQAM)
Spectral Methods and Singular Integral Equations
Org: Richard Slevinsky (Manitoba)
Symplectic Topology
Org: Octav Cornea and Egor Shelukhin (Université de Montréal)
Variational Calculus
Org: Ihsan Topaloglu (Virginia Commonwealth)

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