2020 CMS Winter Meeting

Montreal, December 4 - 7, 2020


Hacking COVID-19: Share your innovative ways to deal with teaching online
Org: Judy Larsen (University of the Fraser Valley) and Miroslav Lovric (McMaster University)

Hacking COVID-19: Sharing experiences with online teaching  [PDF]

Building on the tradition of CMESG annual meetings, this working group meeting will consist of two 90-minute sessions, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, starting at 3pm (EDT).

We have all transitioned into various forms of online teaching this past year. Our practices have been contested and challenged, and we likely now have ideas for how to improve our teaching strategies in future terms. This working group will focus on sharing participant experiences with online teaching, towards emerging implications for future practice. More specifically, on day 1, we will generate discussion about what participants have been doing in their classrooms, how it has worked, and what they plan to change next term. Participants will be invited to share their concerns, both academic and personal, pertaining to COVID-19 related teaching modifications. On day 2, we will have a sequence of mini pecha-kucha style presentations, where participants will have opportunities to share their tips and strategies about technology (beyond the usual), assessment, and encouraging student engagement and motivation. We will end both days with a general discussion to draw out key ideas.

The success of this working group depends heavily (no pressure!) on your contributions and willingness to share your successes and failures. All CMS and CMESG members are welcome.

Hacking COVID-19: Sharing experiences with online teaching  [PDF]

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