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    • November 16 – Abstract submission, Session schedules
    • December 8 – Online registration will be open until and throughout the meeting.

There are fixed costs associated with each participant, therefore all organizers and speakers must register and pay the registration fees. Speakers should register at the lowest rate applicable, i.e. Postdocs can register in the “postdocs” category and speakers (including AMS members) as “speakers”.

Abstract Submission
All abstracts are submitted online. The submission form displays a preview of how the abstract will appear on the web and in print. If necessary, abstracts can be edited before the final submission. If an abstract needs to be changed or adjusted after submission, a new abstract has to be submitted, which will replace the previous version. Before posting abstracts to the website, we verify them manually to ensure that the form has not been misused. Posting usually takes place within 48 hours. If a valid email address is entered in the form, an automated confirmation will be sent by email.

Session Schedules
Session schedules are created by the organizers. If there are any time constraints for your presentation, please contact your session organizer well before the schedule deadline. Talks are scheduled in 30-minute intervals, with 25 minutes for the talk and for questions, and 5 minutes for transition to the next speaker.

Virtual Meeting

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) has decided that the 2020 Winter Meeting will take place virtually from December 3-8, 2020. 

The 2020 CMS Winter meeting will be connecting our mathematical community online. Everything will take place on a single platform where you can jump effortlessly between sessions, community discussions and virtual lounges. The platform, Whova, has everything in one place and the majority of sessions are running on a Zoom link embedded into the platform. While viewing a session in the Whova platform, you can still interact with speakers using the zoom controls that you are familiar with.  If you are familiar with Zoom you will be able to easily participate in our plenaries, sessions, and panels.  

The virtual platform will be available on your web browser or mobile device. You do not need to download the Whova app to access the platform on your web browser.

If you register, you will be sent an email before the meeting containing your code to access the 2020 CMS Virtual Winter Meeting.