2014 Canadian Mathematics Education Forum

University of Ottawa, May 1 - 4, 2014



The CMEF 2014 is based on a vision of having teachers share "vignettes" with other teachers. We are excited to have contributions from teachers of mathematics, at all levels, from elementary to post-secondary.

Strictly speaking, a vignette is an "evocative description, account, or episode".

A CMEF vignette is a stand-alone piece of writing aimed for mathematics educators in one or more of these categories:

  • A mathematical activity that helps students understand an important topic or concept. An ideal activity will be rich in content, open to numerous methods of investigation, challenging yet accessible to students, and cover two or more topics in the mathematics curriculum.
  • A pedagogical reflection on an important issue in mathematics education. An ideal reflection will be motivated by an important tension or dilemma in math education (e.g. the role of technology, the challenge of assessment) and discuss the steps that were attempted to address or resolve this issue.
  • A curricular innovation that has helped students experience mathematics in a new light. An ideal innovation will share a "success story" of mathematics education that has inspired change: locally, regionally, provincially, and/or nationally.

Here is a list of accepted vignettes.


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