2021 CMS Winter Meeting

Ottawa, June 7 - 11, 2021


Panel: Some snapshots of Women in Mathematical History
Org: Maritza Branker (Niagara) and Nicolas Fillion (SFU)

MARITZA M. BRANKER, Niagara University
Black American Women Mathematicians: Past and Present  [PDF]

Recently more attention is being paid to the unsung legacy of female African American Ph.Ds. The attention of the public has been caught by the stories of Katharine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan depicted in the popular movie Hidden Figures. The AMS introduced a new fellowship, the Clayton-Gilmer fellowship honouring Gloria Ford Gilmer, the first African American woman to have published mathematics research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and a leader in ethnomathematics. This talk will focus on the paths taken by a few of these women in an attempt to make space for themselves in the mathematical universe, harnessing the strength of their "double dose of difference".

DAVID E. DUNNING, University of Oxford

Women mathematicians with PhD in the interwar Poland  [PDF]

We will present profiles of a few women who earned PhD degrees in mathematics or related areas in the academic institutions of Warsaw, Lwow and Poznan between the two world wars. We will discuss their achievements in the broader social context.

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