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Working Group 8: The Needs of Industry in a Mathematical Education
(B. Hart, R. Caron, Scott Davis)

BRADD HART, RICK CARON AND SCOTT DAVIS, Fields Institute; University of Windsor; Co-operative Education & Career Services, University of Waterloo
The Needs of Industry in a Mathematical Education

This panel will feature participants from a variety of industries to provide their perspective and to help focus discussion on the needs of industry in a mathematical education. Each session will focus on the following specific questions.

Friday Afternoon: What are your successes and challenges in promoting mathematics as a career choice?

Saturday Morning: What is your reaction to the statement that mathematics is a disruptive technology?

Saturday Afternoon: What concrete steps do we have to take in order to better promote mathematics as a career choice? What types of mathematics experiences enhance the chances that mathematics will be a career choice?


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