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Working Group 15: Teaching Mathematics at College Level / L'enseignement des mathématiques au niveau collégial
(D. Lidstone, M. Blain, V. Papillon)

DAVE LIDSTONE, MARIE BLAIN AND VINCENT PAPILLON, Langara College, British Columbia; Collège de Rosemont, Québec; Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Québec
Teaching Mathematics at College Level / L'enseignement des mathématiques au niveau collégial

In Canada, maths used to have an important place in the curriculum of students in the technical college programs. In the recent years, at least in Quebec, the time allowed to the study of mathematics has been considerably reduced for this category of students. This working group will discuss the following questions:

1. Can we provide arguments sustaining the idea that studying maths is useful for students who won’t use them on a daily basis later in their professional life? What are the (good and bad) consequences of replacing the study of abstract concepts by the sole development of skills and knowledge closely related to a particular kind of work?

2. What is a good and a bad use of computers and calculators in a college level math course? When should we use symbolic languages and when should they be proscribed? What have we gained by introducing the use of calculators in statistic courses?

3. How should we deal with the current trend, which consists to reduce the place of pure mathematical knowledge in the curriculum of the students who register in education faculties in order to become math teachers at the secondary and perhaps college level? What mathematical knowledge is required to teach math at each specific level?


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