The 2021 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge -- Oct 28/29

The 2021 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge — Oct 28/29

Eligibility for Students:

The COMC is open to students in all locations, at all grade levels.

Official participants:

To be considered official participants and thereby qualify for awards, recognition or prizes, students and schools must meet the following requirements:

Students must assert that each of the following is true about themselves:

  1. The student must be under 19 years of age as of June 30, 2021 and
  2. The student must be attending school full-time either virtually or in person (elementary, secondary, Cégep, or home-schooled) at least since Sept 15, 2021 and
  3. The student must not have written the Putnam competition.

Additionally, any exams are only considered official if they are supervised under these conditions:

  1. Must be supervised in a school or location that the CMS has approved as an Official Competition Writing Centre (OCWC).
  2. Must be supervised remotely for the entirety of the exam by a proctor from a registered OCWC.
  3. No mobile phones, calculators or other electronic devices are permitted. Students writing online may use an electronic device (computer, tablet and/or cell phone) solely to communicate with the assigned proctor, to access and display questions, and to scan and upload answers.
  4. The 2½ hour writing period must begin and end sometime between 8 AM and 8PM (0800-2000) local time on either
    1. Thursday, October 28th, for all schools in North America, South America, Central America or in time zones covering these areas
    2. Friday, October 29th, elsewhere in the world.