The Committee for Women in Mathematics was formed by the CMS in June of 1992. Its mandate is to monitor the status of women within the Canadian Mathematical community and the CMS, recommend actions to the Board which will assure equitable treatment of women, and encourage the participation of women at all levels of mathematics. The committee also maintains liason with national and international organizations concerned with the participation of women in mathematics and other areas of science.

As part of our role in monitoring the state of women in Canadian mathematics, the committee has developed and maintained a database of information on women in mathematics in Canada. In 1997 we also received a grant from Nancy's Very Own Foundation to develop on CAMEL a Directory of Canadian Women in the Mathematical Sciences (no longer available), with links to individual home pages and curriculum vitae. An e-mail discussion list was also created for members of the directory.

The Committee has initiated a biannual workshop entitled Connecting Women in Mathematics Across Canada (CWiMAC) whose most recent workshop was held in 2008.

The Women in Mathematics committee consists of a Chair, four regional representatives and one ex-officio member. A list of current Committee members and their terms is available here.