Réunion d'été SMC 2011
Université de l'Alberta, Edmonton, 3 - 5 juin 2011

Éducation mathématique
Org: Tiina Hohn (Grant MacEwan)

CRISTINA ANTON, Grant MacEwan University
Concocting an undergraduate mathematical seminar: the Torus Talks  [PDF]

Launching and successfully running an undergraduate mathematical seminar has many challenges. Various aspects are discussed, ranging from building a faithful and increasing audience, to finding the appropriate level of the talks. The role of the Torus Talks, the undergraduate seminar at Grant MacEwan University, as a motivational tool for studying Mathematics is investigated in the context of the diversity of interests of the contemporary undergraduate students.

Mount Royal’s Initiatives: Promoting a Deeper Understanding in Junior Level, Courses through Projects and Presentations  [PDF]

With the small class sizes at Mount Royal University, we have the opportunity to use teaching strategies often reserved for senior level courses at larger universities. Final projects are part of the curriculum in several of our junior level courses and in-class presentations play a role in many classes as well. We will discuss some of the specifics of what we have done and the advantages and disadvantages of these teaching strategies.

JUDITH RIOUX-WILSON, P.V.N.C. Catholic School Board of Education
Math Fairs For All!  [PDF]

I am a veteran teacher with 20 years experience at St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School in Peterborough with the P. V. N. C. Catholic School Board. I have taught all grades at the elementary level with most of my experience in the primary division. I am fascinated with learning. At various times throughout my teaching career I have experienced the lack of motivation and fear of Mathematics with students and teachers in the elementary panel. In order to alleviate this phenomenon, I wanted to promote Math Fairs and empower students to think mathematically. I developed a project in 2009 to promote Math Fairs and collect data on its effects on students. I received a grant from the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) from the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

SNAP MATH FAIR, Andy Liu and the Math Club

NICOLAE STRUNGARU, Grant MacEwan University
Math for the young  [PDF]

In this talk I will review some opportunities of interacting with secondary and high school students; some of the chalanges one faces when presenting math to them and some nice problems and solutions I encountered.


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