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A Taste of Mathematics (ATOM)
Publisher: Canadian Mathematical Society     Managing Editor:
  Denise Charron
Editor in Chief:
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The booklets in the series, A Taste of Mathematics, are published by the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). They are designed as enrichment materials for high school students with an interest in and aptitude for mathematics. Some booklets in the series will also cover the materials useful for mathematical competitions at national and international levels.



CMS Books in Mathematics

Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 1613-5237
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  Editors in Chief:
   Karl Dilcher and Keith Taylor
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CMS Books in Mathematics is a collection of advanced books and monographs published in cooperation with Springer since 1999. This series offers authors the joint advantage of publishing with a major mathematical society and with a leading academic publishing company. The more than 30 titles already in print cover such diverse areas as combinatorics, number theory, optimization, dynamical systems and the history of mathematics, to name a few. Books in this series will appeal to all mathematicians, whether pure or applied, whether students or researchers.



CMS Treatises in Mathematics

Publisher: CRC Press   Editors:
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CMS Treatises in Mathematics is a new series of books: a collection of short monographs, dedicated to well defined subjects of current interest. These treatises emphasize the interdisciplinary character of the mathematical sciences and facilitate integration of methods and results from different areas of current research. Each book will deal with a current topic and will be written for students and non-specialists, allowing them to enter a new subject and move on to the more advanced literature.



The Canadian Problems Series

Published by: Mathematical Association of America

The Canadian Problems Series is a series of problem-oriented works to be published in partnership with the Mathematical Association of America.


  • Alberta High School Mathematics Competition, 1957 - 2006
  • Problems From Murray Klamkin


Other publications:

. The CMS 50th Anniversary Book Series

The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad:
Celebrating the First Twenty-Five Years



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