Editors: Vlastimil Dlab, George Duff, John Fournier

During these first fifty years of the CMS, its research publications, the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, have published a wide range of research papers. The editors of this volume faced the difficult task of selecting a few of the most noteworthy papers for republication here. Each of these selected papers is introduced with a bilingual commentary.

The first volume of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics had the honour of being launched with a contribution by Albert Einstein, an article which was the culmination of the celebrated Einstein-Infeld-Hoffman colloboration begun at Princeton in 1936. During the 1950s, it was the most cited of all publications stemming from Einstein's Princeton Period. This is indicative of the papers reproduced here - papers that have furthered the study of mathematics and inspired future mathematicians to move the discussions and debates along to the next level.

The second part of this volume is an indispensable tool for mathematicians and researchers ­ a historical index for all issues of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin - providing an easy search tool to the range of works presented in these two journals.

Preface, Vlastimil Dlab, George Duff and John Fournier
On the motion of particles in general relativity theory, A. Einstein and L. Infeld
Extreme Forms, H.S.M. Coxeter
The factor of graphs, W.T. Tutte
The hook graphs of the symmetric group, J.S. Frame, G. de B. Robinson and R.M. Thrall
The Betti numbers of the simple Lie groups, A.J. Coleman
The asymptotic behaviour of the Laurent coefficients, Max Wyman
Orthogonal latin squares, A.L. Dulmage, D. Johnson and N.S. Mendelsohn
On the principle of superposition in quantum mechanics, G. Duff
Non-isomorphic non-hyperfinite factors, Wai-Mee Ching
Euclidean Lie algebras, R.V. Moody
A pointwise ergodic theorem in Lp-spaces, M.A. Akcoglu
Shimura varieties and the Selberg trace formula, R.P. Langlands
Spherical harmonics on the Heisenberg group, Peter C. Greiner
The simplicial helix and the equation tan n = ntan, H.S.M. Coxeter
Multidimensional iterative interpolation, Gilles Deslauriers, Jacques Dubois and Serge Dubuc
Cumulative Index - Canadian Journal of Mathematics 1949-1995
Cumulative Index - Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 1958-1995

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