Editor: Peter Fillmore

This volume presents not just the history of the Canadian Mathematical Society, but the history of mathematics in Canada. A survey of the state of mathematics in Canada prior to 1945 provides a context for the impetus resulting in the First Canadian Mathematical Congress in 1945. This first Congress in Montreal was organized in the hopes that it "be the beginning of important mathematical developments in Canada." As this volume attests, this goal was met and surpassed through the creation of the Canadian Mathematical Society and its mission to promote research and teaching in mathematics.

Articles detail the CMS's efforts of the past 50 years to promote and disseminate mathematical research, including the creation of two important publications - the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin. To put this achievement in perspective, reprinted here are two speeches presented at the First Canadian Congress which provide provocative viewpoints on the status of mathematical research and education at that time and make suggestions on the direction in which the mathematical community should be headed. This volume comes with a dust jacket photograph of the participants of the first Congress in 1945.

The second half of this volume brings this history to life through the recollections and reminiscences of participants and founders of the First Canadian Congress on Mathematics. The guiding forces, the presidents, of the Canadian Mathematical Society from 1945 to 1996 are acknowledged and honoured for their efforts on behalf of the Society. The Records of service listed at the end of the volume acknowledge the work of the many CMS members who have worked to further the goals of the CMS.

Mathematics in Canada before 1945: A Preliminary Survey, Thomas Archibald and Louis Charbonneau*
Twenty-one Years of the Canadian Mathematical Congress, E.S. Keeping*
The Second Generation: A History of the Canadian Mathematical Society, 1966- 1995, G.F.D. Duff*
The Future of Mathematics in Canada, by R.L. Jeffrey and Methods of Fostering Research and Graduate Work, W.L.G Williams
Mathematics in Canada: The Future of Mathematics in Canada: 50 years later, Jonathan M. Borwein and Kenneth R. Davidson*
My Recollections of the Early Days of the Congress and of My Father, Lloyd Williams, Christine Williams Ayoub
Doctorat honoris Causa - W.L. Williams
Memories of a Wartime Student of Math and Physics at the University of Toronto, Cathleen Morawetz
Semi-centennial Reminiscences, J. Lambek
Recollections, A.J. Coleman
Random Memories of Ralph Jeffery, Arnold J. Tingley
Jeffrey-Williams and Coxeter-James Prize Lecturers
Presidents of the Canadian Mathematical Society
Canadian Mathematical Society­Record of Service
List of Participants - Canadian Mathematical Congress

* Articles presented in both English and French

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