MEDIA RELEASE — October 21 2009

Canadian Mathematical Society

October 21 2009

Christiane Rousseau to Receive the
2009 Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service

OTTAWA, Ontario — The Canadian Mathematical Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Christiane Rousseau, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (University of Montreal) will receive the Society's 2009 Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service.

The award recognizes individuals who have made sustained and significant contributions to the Canadian mathematical community, and in particular, to the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). The award is named in honour of Dr. Graham Wright, of the University of Ottawa, who served as Executive Director and Secretary of the CMS for over 30 years.

“Christiane Rousseau is an excellent example of a Canadian who has served mathematics, generously, exceptionally, and in wide variety of roles.” Noted Anthony Lau, Chair of the CMS Distinguished Awards Selection Committee.

As President of the CMS from 2002 to 2004, Professor Rousseau displayed decisive leadership during a challenging time of reorganization for the society. She had earlier served as CMS Vice-President for Quebec. In 2000, she coordinated the campaign "Operation Metro 2000" during the World Mathematical Year 2000, making Montreal the first city in the world with mathematics posters in its subway. As Chair of the CMS International Affairs committee, she spearheaded an initiative to increase the presence of Canadian lecturers at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2010). She was Co-chair of the 2003 Canadian Mathematics Education Forum in Montreal, an event which brought to the forefront the issue of mathematics education in aboriginal communities, and whose success led to two subsequent fora in Toronto and Vancouver. She was the organizer for the Canadian side of the first Canada-France mathematics meeting in Toulouse in 2004, and helped assemble the mathematical community for the very large second Canada-France Mathematics Congress in Montreal in 2008. For the latter, she represented the CMS as a member of the scientific program committee and also served as local organizer. She coordinated two recent Canadian bids, attempting to bring the International Congress of Mathematicians back to Canada (the second prepared jointly with Bruno Rémillard).

This aligns with her numerous mathematical outreach activities, ranging from delivering lectures in schools and CEGEPS, to organizing student conferences, math camps or public lectures, all of which aim to stimulate public or student engagement with mathematics.

Christiane Rousseau recently led one of Canada's major mathematics research institutes as Interim Director of the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM). She joined the faculty at the Université de Montréal in 1979, and has served a term as Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In 1999 she won the Abel Gauthier prize of the Association Mathématique du Quebec (AMQ).

Professor Rousseau is a distinguished mathematical researcher, working in the field of dynamical systems, with numerous publications in leading scientific journals. Her well received monograph Mathematics and Technology (co-authored with Yvan Saint-Aubin), describes a strikingly broad set of case-studies of the applications of mathematics, in a manner highly accessible to students.

Professor Rousseau's accomplishments span all aspects of her profession. Her dedication to the mathematical community and her outstanding efforts on behalf of mathematics, make her an ideal recipient of the Society’s highest award for service.

The 2009 Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service will be awarded to Dr. Christiane Rousseau at the 2009 CMS Winter Meeting in Windsor.

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