Help: Troubleshooting online journals

1. Access / security problems (CJM, CMB, Crux content less than 5 years old)

(a) I am at an institution with an active subscription, but cannot access the articles.

Access for institutions is normally granted based on IP address and requires the institution to have signed the Online Agreement. Online subscriptions are usually administered by your mathematics department or the campus library. Please tell the library or department staff about the problem and ask them to check into this - they may not be aware of the problem. If you are the person responsible for your institution's online subscriptions and have already sent us your IP address ranges and a completed Online Agreement, please contact us using the contact form below and we will investigate the problem.

FYI: Our server sees you currently at IP address

(b) I have my own (non-institutional) subscription, but cannot access the articles.

If you are a new subscriber, you will receive your CMS ID and initial temporary password in your membership package.

For established subscribers, it may be that we have not received payment from you for the current subscription year (unpaid subscriptions and renewals are de-activated by March 31st).

If you would like to contact the CMS to check on the status of your subscription, please contact the Membership and Publications office using the form below or phone us at +1 (613) 733-2662 ext. 785.

(c) Why do I get a login screen on campus?

This can happen if our system doesn't recognize your campus as having a subscription with us. Check with your librarian or mathematics department office. See item 1 (a) above for further information.

(d) I forgot my password (or username).

We can generate a new temporary password for you. Please contact the Membership and Publications office using the contact form below or phone us at +1 (613) 733-2662 ext. 785.

2. Display problems

(a) How do I display the contents of these PDF files?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format originally created by Adobe Systems, but which is now an open standard format endorsed by the ISO. There are many software packages available for reading and displaying PDF files. The most popular on Windows and Mac systems is Adobe Reader. The Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded here. On Unix/Linux systems, Evince, Okular and GSView are some of the most popular packages that let you view PDFs.

3. Technical problems

(a) I get an error message or unexpected behaviour from your web site.

Sorry for this inconvenience. We would like to know as much as you can tell us about what exactly the error message or unexpected behaviour is and how to reproduce it. Please use the contact form below to describe what you were doing, what page you were viewing and the exact error message (if at all possible). This will help us track down the problem and correct it.

4. Content problems

(a) Why isn't issue x available yet? What is the schedule?

As soon as issues have been sent to press, we generate and post the PDF content of the issue and each article. Generally, the articles and issues appear on the web site in the month preceding the issue date. For example, the February issue of CJM would be online in early January.

  • The Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) is published each February, April, June, August, October and December;
  • The Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB) is published each March, June, September and December;
  • Crux Mathematicorum has ten issues per year (each month except July, August) published per year. It is mailed to print subscribers every second issue.
  • CMS Notes is published six times per year: Feb, Mar/Apr, Jun, Sep, Oct/Nov, Dec.

Our main Journals page lists the most recently released issues of each journal.

(b) I get the wrong PDF when I click the link.

Sorry for that! Please use the contact form below to tell us what link you clicked on from which page. We will investigate and reply to you by email.

5. Other problems

Please contact us using this form or by emailing us at

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