Journals of the Canadian Mathematical Society

The Canadian Mathematical Society currently publishes two research journals, a problem-solving journal geared to students and a newsletter for members to engage fully with the Canadian mathematical community. All these are published digitally online as well as in print.


June 20, 2018 — The Canadian Mathematical Society is pleased to announce a partnership with Cambridge University Press for the publication of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin. Click for media release.

The Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB) are the flagship research journals of the Society, devoted to publishing original research works of high standard. The CJM typically publishes longer papers and the CMB publishes shorter papers. There are two sets of Editors-in-Chief and a common Editorial Board.

G. de B. Robinson Award

The annual G. de B. Robinson Award recognizes the highest quality articles published in the CJM and the CMB. The 2018 Award has been given to two outstanding CJM papers:

"Non-stable $K_1$-functors of Multiloop Groups", CJM 68 pp.150-176, by Anastasia Stavrova

"Rigidity and Height Bounds for Certain Post-critically Finite Endomorphisms of $\mathbb P^N$", CJM 68 pp.625-654, by Patrick Ingram

Read the 2018 media release. Read more about the G. de B. Robinson Award.

Problem Solving

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Crux Mathematicorum is an internationally respected source of unique and challenging mathematical problems published by the CMS. Designed primarily for the secondary and undergraduate levels, and also containing some pre-secondary material, it has been referred to as "the best problem solving journal in the world". All the problems and solutions are fully peer-reviewed for clarity, completeness and rigour by academic and professional mathematicians. Crux includes an "Olympiad Corner" which is particularly helpful for students preparing for math competitions.


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The Notes of the Canadian Mathematical Society, the Society's official newsletter, is published six times a year. The CMS Notes is the primary medium of communication between the Society and its members. It features columns on research, education, meetings, conferences, committees at work, book reviews, awards, news from departments and employment opportunities.