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CAIMS Minisymposia

CAIMS Minisymposia

Asymptotic analysis of localized patterns in PDEs (CAIMS)
Org: David Iron and Theodore Kolokolnikov (Dalhousie)

Guillemette Chapuisat (ENS Cachan), David Iron (Dalhousie), Theodore Kolokolnikov (Dalhousie), Michal Kowalczyk (Universidad de Chile), Yasumasa Nishiura (Hokkaido University, Japan), Xiaofeng Ren (George Washington), Michael Ward (UBC), Rebecca White (Dalhousie).

Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics (CSFD)
Org: John Bowman (Alberta), Lucy Campbell (Carleton), Kai Schneider (Provence, Marseille) and L. van Veen (Concordia)

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (Org: Lucy Campbell): P. Bartello, L. Campbell, J. Davoudi, R. Karsten, F. Poulin, M. Stastna, M. Waite // Turbulence and Transition (Org: Lennaert van Veen): Y. Duguet, R. Krechetnikov, S. Maslowe, L. van Veen, D. Viswanath // Computational Fluid Dynamics (Org: John Bowman): J. Bowman, N. Kevlahan, S. Kocabiyik, B. Protas, T. Wihler

Peter Bartello (McGill), John Bowman (Alberta), Jahanshah Davoudi (Toronto), Yohann Duguet (KTH Stockholm), Richard Karsten (Acadia), Nicholas Kevlahan (McMaster), Serpil Kocabiyik (Memorial), Rouslan Krechetnikov (Alberta), Gregory Lewis (OIT), Sherwin Maslowe (McGill), Francis Poulin (Waterloo), Bartosz Protas (McMaster), Marek Stastna (Waterloo), Lennaert van Veen (Concordia), Divakar Viswanath (Michigan), Michael Waite (Victoria), Thomas Wihler (McGill).

Modeling Fluid-Structure Interaction in Naval Architecture (CAIMS)
Org: Serguei Iakovlev (Dalhousie)

Tim Dunbar and Dave Whitehouse (Martec Ltd.), Serguei Iakovlev (Dalhousie), Cedric Leblond and Jean-François Sigrist (DCN Group, France), Julie Young (Princeton).

Models for transmission of communicable diseases (CAIMS)
Org: Fred Bauer (UBC) and Pauline van den Driessche (Victoria)

Chris Bowman (NRC), Dan Coombs (UBC), David Fisman (Hospital for Sick Children), Hongbin Guo (York), Jane Heffernan (York), Rongsong Liu (Purdue), Robert Smith (Ottawa), Lin Wang (UNB).

Models of Motion in Biology (CAIMS)
Org: Dan Coombs (UBC)

Catherine Beauchemin (Ryerson), Gustavo Carrero (Athabasca), Daniel Coombs (UBC), Raibatak Das (UBC), Ryan Lukeman (UBC), Frithjof Lutscher (Ottawa), Hannah Mckenzie (Alberta), Chad Topaz (Macalester).

New software for the numerical solution of differential equations (CAIMS)
Org: Paul Muir (St. Mary's) and Ray Spiteri (Saskatchewan)

Complex models in applied and industrial mathematics must usually be solved using numerical methods to provide an approximate solution. These models often present a variety of challenges for the accurate and efficient computation of a solution, requiring the use of sophisticated combinations of numerical techniques. Applications experts can remain focused on modeling issues and at the same time obtain high quality numerical solutions by employing state of the art software packages designed for very general problem classes. Many significant applications lead to models involving differential equations and this mini-symposium focuses on new software packages for the numerical solution of such equations. The software packages to be discussed in this mini-symposium include codes for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, delay and advance differential equations, differential-algebraic equations, and boundary value ordinary differential equations. The implementations range over a variety of computing environments and languages such as Matlab, Maple, C++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90/95, as well as meta-language tools for the development of software for the solution of differential equations in multiple languages.

Tony Humphries (McGill), Paul Muir (St. Mary's), Ned Nedialkov (McMaster), George Patrick (Saskatchewan), Hossein Zivari Piran (Toronto), Greg Reid (Western), Larry Shampine (Southern Methodist), Warren Weckesser.

Singular perturbations and the Ginzburg-Landau model (CAIMS)
Org: Stan Alama and Lia Bronsard (McMaster)

Yaniv Almog (LSU), Patricia Bauman (Purdue), Dmitry Golovaty (Akron), Radu Ignat (Paris-Sud, Orsay), Vincent Millot (Paris XIII), Dan Phillips (Purdue), Itai Shafrir (Technion, Israel), Peter Sternberg (Indiana).