Produced by the Canadian Mathematical Society and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Toronto.

Issue 10:6

June, 2009

Please send your solutions to

E.J. Barbeau
Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
40 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2E4

individually as you solve the problems. Electronic files can be sent to However, please do not send scanned files; they use a lot of computer space, are often indistinct and can be difficult to download. The solutions will be published in a later Olymon.

It is important that your complete mailing address and your email address appear legibly on the front page. If you do not write your family name last, please underline it.

New procedure. Instead of the monthly problem sets with a long deadline, I plan to send out one or two problems a week which should be solved as soon as you can. I will record the problems in order of receipt and acknowledge solvers. Solutions will be published when there is no more activity on a problem. This month, I will pose the challenge problems for which solutions have been received to give anyone else a chance to solve them before solutions appear.

For those of you who are looking for practice problems, you can access old Olymon problems and solutions on the website or; on the CMS website, you can also access International Mathematical Talent Search Problems as well as problems posed on the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge and the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad.

Problèmes pour juin 2009 (PDF seulement) (anglais)
Solutions pour avril 2009 (PDF seulement) (anglais)

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