EGMO 2018 Results


Report on EGMO 2018
for the Samuel Beatty Fund

by Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood.

EGMO 2018 - Florence, Italy (web site; facebook site)

2018 was the first year in which Canada has participated in EGMO.

Canadian Team

Photo of Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood
Grade 12
Marc Garneau C.I., Toronto
Silver Medal
Photo of Anna Krokhine Anna Krokhine
Grade 10
University of Toronto Schools, Toronto
Bronze Medal
Photo of Jingzhi Liang Jingzhi Liang
Grade 11
Marc Garneau C.I., Toronto
Bronze Medal
Photo of Karen Situ Karen Situ
Grade 9
University Hill S. S., Vancouver
Honourable Mention


  • Dorette Pronk, Leader
  • Sarah Sun, Deputy Leader

For further information on the EGMO 2018 Canadian team and team leaders, see the fact sheet.

More information on the EGMO may be found on the official website.

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