Volume 44 Number 8
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Crux v44 n8

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317  Notice to Crux Readers      Denise Charron Read  [PDF: 105KB]
318  The Contest Corner: No. 68      John McLoughlin Read  [PDF: 282KB]
318  Problems: CC336–CC340 Read  [PDF: 255KB]
320  Solutions: CC286–CC290 Read  [PDF: 252KB]
324  The Olympiad Corner: No. 366      Anamaria Savu Read  [PDF: 341KB]
324  Problems: OC396–OC400 Read  [PDF: 229KB]
326  Solutions: OC336–OC340 Read  [PDF: 312KB]
332  Problem Solving 101      Margo Kondratieva Read  [PDF: 632KB]
337  Inequalities on a Right Trapezoid      Y. N. Aliyev Read  [PDF: 343KB]
340  Problems: 4371–4380 Read  [PDF: 265KB]
344  Solutions: 4271–4280 Read  [PDF: 445KB]
359  Solvers and Proposers Index Read  [PDF: 144KB]