Volume 40 Number 8
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Crux v40 n8

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318  Editorial      Kseniya Garaschuk Read  [PDF: 150KB]
319  The Contest Corner: No. 28      Olga Zaitseva Read  [PDF: 352KB]
319  Problems: CC136 - CC140 Read  [PDF: 254KB]
321  Solutions: CC86 - CC90 Read  [PDF: 312KB]
326  The Olympiad Corner: No. 326      Nicolae Strungaru and Carmen Bruni Read  [PDF: 343KB]
326  Problems: OC196 - OC200 Read  [PDF: 230KB]
328  Solutions: OC136 - OC140 Read  [PDF: 301KB]
333  Book Reviews      Robert Bilinski Read  [PDF: 256KB]
335  Chebyshev polynomials and recursive relations (I)      N. Vasiliev and A. Zelevinskiy Read  [PDF: 409KB]
340  Variations on a theme : The sum of equal powers of natural numbers (I)      Arkady Alt Read  [PDF: 310KB]
345  Problems: 3971 - 3980 Read  [PDF: 257KB]
349  Solutions: 3871 - 3880 Read  [PDF: 619KB]
363  Solvers and Proposers Index Read  [PDF: 142KB]