Volume 38 Number 4
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Crux v38 n4

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123  Mathematical Mayhem Solutions M488 - M494      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 502KB]
131  The Contest Corner: No. 4      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 203KB]
133  The Olympiad Corner: No. 302      Nicolae Strungaru Read  [PDF: 429KB]
133  Olympiad Corner Problems: OC76 - OC80 Read  [PDF: 236KB]
135  Olympiad Corner Solutions: OC16 - OC20 Read  [PDF: 426KB]
141  Book Reviews      Amar Sodhi Read  [PDF: 239KB]
141  Redisovering Mathematics: You Do The Math by Shai Simonson Read  [PDF: 184KB]
142  What's Luck Got to Do with It? The History, Mathematics, and Psychology of the Gambler's Illusion by Joseph Mazur Read  [PDF: 225KB]
144  Unsolved Crux Problems: 909 and 1077 Read  [PDF: 186KB]
145  Recurring Crux Configurations 6      J. Chris Fisher Read  [PDF: 288KB]
149  Problems: 3707, 3731 - 3740 Read  [PDF: 300KB]
153  Solutions: 3492, 3631 - 3640 Read  [PDF: 539KB]