Volume 37 Number 8
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Crux v37 n8

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481  Skoliad: No. 137      Lily Yen and Mogens Hansen Read  [PDF: 107KB]
488  Mathematical Mayhem      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 115KB]
488  Mayhem Year End Wrap Up Read  [PDF: 28KB]
489  Mayhem Problems: M513 - M518 Read  [PDF: 77KB]
491  Mayhem Solutions: M476 - M481 Read  [PDF: 83KB]
495  The Olympiad Corner: No. 298      R. E. Woodrow and Nicolae Strungaru Read  [PDF: 259KB]
526  Book Reviews      Amar Sodhi Read  [PDF: 41KB]
529  Recurring Crux Configurations 4      J. Chris Fisher Read  [PDF: 84KB]
535  That old root flipping trick of Andrey Andreyevich Markov      Gerhard J. Woeginger Read  [PDF: 67KB]
540  Problems: 3670, 3688 - 3700 Read  [PDF: 72KB]
545  Solutions: 3589 - 3600 Read  [PDF: 184KB]
560  YEAR END FINALE      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 45KB]
562  Index to Volume 37 Read  [PDF: 53KB]
565  Problem Proposers and Solvers for 2011 Read  [PDF: 38KB]