Volume 37 Number 6
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Crux v37 n6

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337  Skoliad: No. 135      Lily Yen and Mogens Hansen Read  [PDF: 106KB]
345  Mathematical Mayhem      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 126KB]
345  Mayhem Problems: M501 - M506 Read  [PDF: 107KB]
347  Mayhem Solutions: M463 - M469 Read  [PDF: 152KB]
352  The Olympiad Corner: No. 296      R. E. Woodrow and Nicolae Strungaru Read  [PDF: 261KB]
384  Book Review      Amar Sodhi Read  [PDF: 25KB]
385  Recurring Crux Configurations 2      J. Chris Fisher Read  [PDF: 55KB]
388  Problems: 3651, 3664-3675 Read  [PDF: 74KB]
393  Solutions: 3542, 3556, 3563-3567, 3569-3572, 3574, 3575 Read  [PDF: 208KB]