Volume 34 Number 8
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Crux v34 n8

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449  Mathematical Mayhem      Ian VanderBurgh Read  [PDF: 202KB]
449  Mayhem Problems: M369-M375 Read  [PDF: 232KB]
451  Mayhem Solutions: M332-M337 Read  [PDF: 207KB]
457  Problem of the Month      Ian VanderBurgh Read  [PDF: 62KB]
459  The Olympiad Corner: No. 274      R. E. Woodrow Read  [PDF: 266KB]
468  Book Review      John McLoughlin Read  [PDF: 176KB]
471  Old Idaho Usual Here      R. Israel, S. Morris, and S. Wagon Read  [PDF: 222KB]
478  A Limit of an Improper Integral Depending on One Parameter      Iesus C. Diniz Read  [PDF: 187KB]
481  Sliding Down Inclines with Fixed Descent Time: a Converse to Galileo's Law of Chords      Jeff Babb Read  [PDF: 181KB]
483  Problems: 3371, 3389-3400 Read  [PDF: 209KB]
488  Solutions: 3229, 3289-3300 Read  [PDF: 337KB]
505  MAA Book Promotion Read  [PDF: 273KB]
506  Year End Finale      Václav (Vazz) Linek Read  [PDF: 143KB]
508  Index to Volume 34, 2008 Read  [PDF: 212KB]