Volume 33 Number 3
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Crux v33 n3

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129  Skoliad: No. 101      Robert Bilinski Read  [PDF: 136KB]
135  Mathematical Mayhem      Jeff Hooper Read  [PDF: 219KB]
135  Mayhem Problems: M288-M293 Read  [PDF: 85KB]
138  Mayhem Solutions: M238-M243 Read  [PDF: 110KB]
143  Problem of the Month      Ian VanderBurgh Read  [PDF: 76KB]
146  Pólya's Paragon: The Pigeonhole Principle       Jeff Hooper Read  [PDF: 72KB]
149  The Olympiad Corner: No. 261      R.E. Woodrow Read  [PDF: 202KB]
165  Book Review      John McLoughlin Read  [PDF: 50KB]
166  Butterfly Metamorphosis      Andy Liu Read  [PDF: 90KB]
169  Problems: 3226-3238 Read  [PDF: 122KB]
175  Solutions: 3125-3136 Read  [PDF: 313KB]