Volume 32 Number 7
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Crux v32 n7

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417  Skoliad: No. 97      Robert Bilinski Read  [PDF: 226KB]
425  Mathematical Mayhem      Shawn Godin Read  [PDF: 206KB]
425  Mayhem Problems: M263-M268 Read  [PDF: 86KB]
428  Mayhem Solutions: M213-M218 Read  [PDF: 104KB]
431  Problem of the Month      Ian VanderBurgh Read  [PDF: 61KB]
434  Pólya's Paragon: Remarkable Bisections       Bruce Shawyer Read  [PDF: 65KB]
436  The Olympiad Corner: No. 257      R.E. Woodrow Read  [PDF: 242KB]
454  Book Reviews      John McLoughlin Read  [PDF: 66KB]
456  Hexagons and Inequalities      Yakub N. Aliyev Read  [PDF: 131KB]
462  Problems: 3176-3187 Read  [PDF: 97KB]
466  Solutions: 3072-3084, 3086 Read  [PDF: 312KB]