Volume 22 Number 5
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Crux v22 n5

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193  Ceva meets Pythagoras! K.R.S Sastry Read  [PDF: 114KB]
198  The Skoliad Corner: No. 15      R.E. Woodrow Read  [PDF: 104KB]
202  The Olympiad Corner: No. 175      R.E. Woodrow Read  [PDF: 161KB]
213  The Academy Corner: No. 4      Bruce Shawyer Read  [PDF: 62KB]
215  Book Reviews      Edited by Andy Liu Read  [PDF: 61KB]
217  Problems: 2151-2163 Read  [PDF: 83KB]
220  Solutions: 1823, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2058-2066 Read  [PDF: 241KB]