Réunion d'hiver SMC 2017

Waterloo, 8 - 11 décembre 2017


Conférence publique

EDWARD BURGER, Southwestern University
How Always to Win at Limbo  [PDF]


"You can sum some of the series some of the time, and some of the series none of the time... but can you sum some of the series all of the time??"

Remember in those early days of first-love how you would dream about that special someone and wonder to yourself: "How close are we?" This presentation will address this question by answering: What does it mean for two things to be close to one another? We'll take a strange look infinite series, dare to mention a calculus student's fantasy, and momentarily engage in transcendental meditation. In fact, we'll even attempt to build some very exotic series that can be used if you ever have to flee the country in a hurry: we'll either succeed or fail... you'll have to attend to find out. Will you be at the edge of your seat? Perhaps; but if not, then you'll probably fall asleep and either way, after the talk, you'll feel refreshed. No matter what, you'll learn a sneaky way always to win at Limbo.

This presentation is open to all math fans—young and old alike. A familiarity with infinite series is helpful. If you've ever head of the phrase "triangle inequality", then this lecture for you.


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