Réunion d'été du 75e+1 anniversaire de la SMC

Ottawa, 7 - 11 juin 2021


Prix Krieger-Nelson

ANITA LAYTON, University of Waterloo
His or Her Mathematical Models --- Understanding Sex Differences in Physiology  [PDF]

Imagine someone having a heart attack. Do you visualize the dramatic Hollywood portrayal of a heart attack, in which a man collapses, grabbing his chest in agony? Even though heart disease is the leading killer of women worldwide, the misconception that heart disease is a men’s disease has persisted. A dangerous misconceptions and risks women ignoring their own symptoms. Gender biases and false impressions are by no means limited to heart attack symptoms. Such prejudices exist throughout our healthcare system, from scientific research to disease diagnosis and treatment strategies. A goal of our research program is to address this gender equity, by identifying and disseminating insights into sex differences in health and disease, using computational modeling tools.

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