Réunion d'été SMC 2012
Hôtels Regina Inn et Ramada (Regina~Saskatchewan), 2 -4 juin 2012

Conférence - Prix d'excellence en enseignement

VESELIN JUNGIC, Simon Fraser University
The Blended Learning Approach to Teaching a Calculus Class: What May Change and What Should Stay the Same  [PDF]

A possible description of the so-called blended learning is that it "integrates seemingly opposite approaches, such as formal and informal learning, face-to-face and online experiences, directed paths and reliance on self-direction". This quote could also be a possible description of the learning habits of any successful student or scholar, regardless of field of interest. What about teaching mathematics with this in mind?

In this presentation some general facts about blended learning will be examined. A number of examples about using the blended learning approach in teaching various university level science classes will also be analyzed. Finally, an ongoing attempt to introduce the blended learning approach to teaching calculus classes at Simon Fraser University will be discussed.


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