Réunion de la SMC sur la COVID-19

En ligne, 13 - 16 juillet 2020


K-12 Education Session
Org: Brian Forrest (Waterloo) et Yuliya Nesterova (Queen's)

ELIZABETH BOOIJ, Ardrossan Junior Senior High
Thoughts following teaching Math online  [PDF]

I have been teaching for 15 years, and yet these last few months were my first attempt at teaching online. Some techniques proved more successful than others. I mostly used Google Classroom, the platform required by my school district, but within that I played with multiple tools such as Notability, iPad screen recording and posting to YouTube, Screencastify, a virtual TI calculator, Edpuzzle, Quizziz, Google Forms and EquatIO. Most of these are modeled in my video.

Most students displayed an impressive ability to adapt to the online environment, but each student has a different home environment and relationship with school, which affected their chance of success. As in any learning environment, the student's connection to the teacher was a key factor in their success as well.

Although I wouldn't have chosen teaching online if it wasn't necessary for student safety, we all learned a lot and many of the tools and methods we explored can be useful in the future, whether we are online or in the classroom.


RICHARD DLIN, Dlin Academy

DAVID HAY, cybera

ROSSITZA MARINOVA, Concordia University of Edmonton
What have we learned from 2020 Math Kangaroo Contest offered online due to the pandemic?  [PDF]

Math Kangaroo is a broad-participation contest-game. Students in grades 1 through 12 are given the opportunity to participate in a non-selective competition with inspiring and challenging content. The impact of the contest on students is enhanced by various enrichment activities such as on-line and on-campus training, clubs, and the production of related practice materials.

On March 12, 2020, the Canadian team announced that in light of the current Covid-19 outbreak, the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest would not be held on sites on March 22, 2020. At that time, we were exploring the possibility of postponing the contest or moving it online. There days later we informed everyone that the contest would be offered online.

The main reason we chose online delivery versus cancellation was because we wanted to keep children engaged and challenged in math. Moreover, we could promptly deliver the contest online thanks to the great team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who donate a tremendous amount of time to bring this wonderful contest to students in Canada.

What have we learned from the online delivery of the 2020 contest?

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