Dr. Malabika Pramanik Appointed the Director of Banff International Research Station

Malabika Pramanik

CMS is proud to learn that the Society’s Director VP of Pacific, Malabika Pramanik, has been named the next Director of Banff International Research Station (BIRS). Dr. Pramanik is a brilliant mathematician who has served the Canadian and international mathematical community in different capacities. CMS President, Dr. Mark Lewis, expressed his delight at this news and said: “Dr. Pramanik is a leading light in the Canadian mathematical community and I am thrilled to know that she will be serving as Director of BIRS, an institution that is cherished worldwide.” According to the Director of the CMS, Dr. Termeh Kousha, “Dr. Pramanik is a true inspiration for all women in mathematics and science.”

The CMS wishes to offer its sincerest congratulations to Dr. Malabika Pramanik and wish her the best in her new role.