CMS Math Camps

“I hope you continue to sponsor this camp because it has not only given me, but all the campers at this year’s camp, a greater perspective in mathematics.” - 2012 camper

Each summer, CMS Math Camps provide students with an interest in mathematics with a unique and unforgettable experience. The camps take place in universities and CEGEPs across Canada and range from day camps to week long events. Students who attend the camps leave with new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on mathematics. CMS Math camps are a great opportunity to:

Enhance skills and knowledge

CMS camps provide an enrichment experience for students who have shown an interest in and an aptitude for mathematics. Advanced math concepts are presented in a manner that is challenging yet still accessible. Students are also coached on how to approach problems and have the opportunity to develop their group problem solving skills.

Gain a new perspective

CMS camps allow students to experience math as never before through games, projects, experiments, and other fun activities. The camps also highlight the role math plays in everyday life. In surveys taken after the camps, students consistently report an increased interest in math and science careers.

Make new friends

CMS camps are a great way to connect students with similar interests. Many campers go on to form Facebook groups, stay in touch as 'math camp alumni', and even try their hand at one of the CMS national competitions.

2019 Regional Math Camps

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2019 Specialty Camps

As part of the CMS Math Camps program, a number of camps are focused on special or unique interests of students and/or educators.

CMS - Queen's University Math Camp for Girls (Math Quest)
Location: Kingston, ON
Date: August 19 - 22, 2019
Host: Queen's University
Organizer: Siobhain Broekhoven
Language: English
For: Grades 9-12
Type: By invitation only; Residential (overnight)
Online: Official Web Site

CMS - Dalhousie University Math Camp for Black Students
Location: Halifax, NS
Date: July 8 - 12, 2019
Host: Dalhousie University
Organizer: Dr. R. P. Gupta
Language: English
For: Grades 6-8
Type: By invitation only; Residential (overnight)

CMS - Yukon College Kids Program Math Camp
Location: Whitehorse, YT
Date: August 5 - 9, 2019
Host: Yukon College - Ayamdigut Campus
Organizer: Dana Mills
Language: English
For: Grades 5-7
Type: By invitation only; Day camp

2019 Canada Math Camp

The Canada Math Camp is designed for Canadian students in grades 8 to 10 with the potential to compete at the mathematical olympiad level. Participation in the Canada Math Camp is by invitation only. The selection will be made primarily from the results of the annual Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, as well as other contest information and recommendations from Regional Camp Directors. Please contact the organizer for more details.


Yearly Camp Reports

For more information please contact the Math Camps Coordinator.