CMS Record of Service 1945 - 1995

Information on the service as vice-president, director, member of a standing or ad-hoc committee, editor-in-chief, member of an editorial board or in other capacities is provided herein. The information has been obtained from Volume I of the CMS 50th Anniversary Publications.

It was not possible to provide details regarding the length of term for ex-officio appointments. Hence, in addition to the length of term specified in a committee or board listing, ex-officio indicates that the member served in that capacity at some other time.

For non-standing committees, the service as chair has not been separated. If the member was chair at some time, this is indicated by an asterisk.

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Committee for the Proceedings of the First Congress
Education Ad-Hoc Committees
Other Ad-Hoc Committees
Publications Ad-Hoc Committees
Research Ad-Hoc Committees
Applied Mathematics Notes Editorial Board
Applied Mathematics Notes Editors-in-Chief
Board of Directors
Briefing Committee for the Royal Commission
By-Laws and Constitution Committees
History of Mathematics in Canada Committee
C.J.M. Editorial Board (1949-1985)
C.J.M. Editors-in-Chief
C.J.M. - C.M.B. Specialized Editors
C.J.M. - C.M.B. Scientific Editorial Board (1986 onwards)
C.M.B. Editorial Board (1949-1985)
C.M.B. Editors-in-Chief
Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Conference Proceedings Series and Book Series Editorial Board
Conference Proceedings Series and Book Series Editors-in-Chief
Crux Mathematicorum Editorial Board
Crux Mathematicorum Editors-in-Chief
Crux Mathematicorum Specialized Editors
Education Committee
Executive Director - Secretary
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee
Government Policy Committee
Committees on Grants
Human Rights Committee
International Affairs Committee
Committee for ICM 1974
International Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Committee of the Journal
Membership Committees
Nominating Committee
CMS Notes Editors-in-Chief
CMS Notes Specialized Editors
Publications Committee
CMS Representatives to Other Societies
Research Committee
Scholarship Committees
Committees on School Mathematics
Committee on Women in Mathematics