CMS Record of Service 1945 - 1995

Information on the service as vice-president, director, member of a standing or ad-hoc committee, editor-in-chief, member of an editorial board or in other capacities is provided herein. The information has been obtained from Volume I of the CMS 50th Anniversary Publications.

It was not possible to provide details regarding the length of term for ex-officio appointments. Hence, in addition to the length of term specified in a committee or board listing, ex-officio indicates that the member served in that capacity at some other time.

For non-standing committees, the service as chair has not been separated. If the member was chair at some time, this is indicated by an asterisk.

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Committee for the Proceedings of the First Congress
Education Ad-Hoc Committees
Other Ad-Hoc Committees
Publications Ad-Hoc Committees
Research Ad-Hoc Committees
Applied Mathematics Notes Editorial Board
Applied Mathematics Notes Editors-in-Chief
Board of Directors
Briefing Committee for the Royal Commission
By-Laws and Constitution Committees
History of Mathematics in Canada Committee
C.J.M. Editorial Board (1949-1985)
C.J.M. Editors-in-Chief
C.J.M. - C.M.B. Specialized Editors
C.J.M. - C.M.B. Scientific Editorial Board (1986 onwards)
C.M.B. Editorial Board (1949-1985)
C.M.B. Editors-in-Chief
Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Conference Proceedings Series and Book Series Editorial Board
Conference Proceedings Series and Book Series Editors-in-Chief
Crux Mathematicorum Editorial Board
Crux Mathematicorum Editors-in-Chief
Crux Mathematicorum Specialized Editors
Education Committee
Executive Director - Secretary
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee
Government Policy Committee
Committees on Grants
Human Rights Committee Human Rights Committee*
International Affairs Committee
Committee for ICM 1974
International Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Committee of the Journal
Membership Committees
Nominating Committee
CMS Notes Editors-in-Chief
CMS Notes Specialized Editors
Publications Committee
CMS Representatives to Other Societies
Research Committee
Scholarship Committees
Committees on School Mathematics
Committee on Women in Mathematics