Title of Project: The 2019 Math Horizons Day

Year of Competition: 2019

Grant amount: $500

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: April 2019

Description of Activity:
Aimed at grade 11 students in Ontario and Secondary V students in Québec, the Math Horizons Day is an activity to promote the study of mathematics and extol the benefits of a career requiring a solid knowledge of mathematics. Each school in the region (Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec) is invited to participate with a team of four students together with their math teacher. We usually receive about 30 schools every year (about 150 people), which is the maximum number we can accommodate here on campus.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa is acutely aware of the role any academic unit plays both internally within the institution and in the community at large to share and expand knowledge. Mathematics is at the center of the scientific and economic development of any economy, especially for one like ours that depends so much on advancements of engineering and technology. The computer revolution that has changed our lives is largely due to our mathematical knowledge and the significant discoveries made in that field in the past few decades. Moreover, mathematics and statistics have recently been responsible for many scientific progresses in biology, ecology, meteorology, cyber security and even forestry. Little is known about this important side of mathematics among high school students. Studies show that when students at any level do not see the relevance of the subject they are studying, their interest in learning the subject decreases and they are less willing to work harder to understand. Most students who take first year Math courses at the University level, do that to fill a requirement in their programs without much motivation.

Comments from students and teachers focused on the importance of such enrichment activities to give students the chance to sharpen their mathematical skills and abilities in a challenging but fun environment. Many awards were given to best teams and individuals during the day long activity.

The Math Horizons Day is well known in our region. In 2019, we had the support of TD bank and Maplesoft, in addition to the University of Ottawa.

Future Plans (if any):
The 2020 Math Horizons Day will take place May 1, 2020.


Lunch for all participants$3845.00
Prizes, plaques and Books$2250.00
Parking permits (Teachers and Staff)$554.00

TD Bank$2500.00
Office of the president-University of Ottawa$2000.00

The Faculty of Science and the department of Mathematics at the University of Ottawa assumed the balance.

Contact Name: Joseph Khoury

[September 25, 2019]