Title of Project: The Math Horizons Day

Year of Competition: 2017

Grant amount: $500

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: 2017

Description of Activity:
Aimed at grade 11 students in Ontario and Secondary V students in Québec, the Math Horizons Day is an activity to promote the study of mathematics and extoll the benefits of a career requiring a solid knowledge of mathematics.

Each school in the region (Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec) is invited to participate with a team of four students together with their math teacher. We usually receive about 30 schools every year (about 150 people), which is the maximum number we can accommodate here on campus.

The day starts with a talk by one of the professors of the department about his or her work in mathematical research and the impact of new discoveries on modern technology, medicine, economy and other aspects of life. The presentation is sometimes given by a mathematician who works in industry or in governmental agencies. Before the lunch break, a presentation of different careers where a solid knowledge of mathematics is required is usually given by the chair of the department.

After lunch, the teams compete in mathematical contests. The contests include questions in various areas of mathematics as well as relays. The day ends with some individual contests as well. The winning teams and individuals leave with prizes and certificates in recognition of their achievements.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
Year after year, evaluations form the Math camp indicate an increase in interest in Mathematics as a result of participating in various activities of the week. Students comment that they have never imagined that Mathematics can be used efficiently in solving problems that have direct impact on our daily lives.

Throughout the many years we have done the Math Horizons Day, I personally as well as many other colleagues, had the pleasure to meet many students who approached us saying that the activity was an inspiration for them and they still remember vividly the presentations and the challenges of the day.

Teachers also report that students return from the activity with a fresh look at Mathematics and what can achieved when a solid knowledge of the subject is acquired. That certainly boost interest in the subject.

Future Plans (if any):
-The Math Horizons Day 2018 will take place on Friday, April 27.


Renting Tables:$150.00
Registration coffee and snacks:$400.00
Afternoon break:$250.00
Prizes (Teams and individuals):$1200.00
Photocopies (questions and materials):$300.00
Parking permits for teachers and staff:$550.00
Equipment Rental:$350.00
Grand Total:$10,050.00

Community Foundation of Ottawa:$3500.00
Fields Institute:$1000.00

Contact Name: Joseph Khoury

[November 14, 2017]