Title of Project: Parents as Participants in Mathematics

Year of Competition: 2013

Grant amount: $2000

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: Up to Sept 2014

Description of Activity:
The events include community activities with parents including public presentations and evenings in schools or other settings. Details will be provided in full in the final report.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
The effectiveness is difficult to measure at this point. The final report will provide more details when prepared some time in the winter.

Future Plans (if any):
Certainly there are future plans, as this work is in progress only. By the time the funds were awarded in 2014 it was difficult to fully integrate proposals into the academic year and commitments of the school communities. We are just in the first month of this year and developing projects. Tentative plans are in place for some activities, though there is a firm plan for an event with parents in a First Nations community in early November.

Approximately $1100 of the $2000 in funding remains available to support the project this fall and winter. An event planned with parents in a First Nations community in New Brunswick has a firm date in November, and there are plans being made for other events. Support from AARMS outreach funding continues to dovetail with this project to mutually support efforts. Some internal UNB funds and supports may extend the funding's reach.

The funds spent to date include a mix of travel, staff support, and materials. The full accounting will be provided in the final report.

Contact Name: John McLoughlin

[September 29, 2014]