Title of Project: Promoting SNAP Math Fairs

Year of Competition: 2004

Grant amount: $5,000 2004, $1,000 2005

Project Duration: Multi-Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: Jan 1, 2005 - September 30, 2005

Description of Activity:
Our goal was to create and distribute a video to publicize Math Fairs for elementary school children, to update, expand and distribute materials to help teachers organize a Math Fair, and to finance demonstration Math Fairs in other parts of Canada.

To this end we have contracted for the translation of the Math Fair Booklet into French. The English version has been reprinted.

Ted Lewis spoke on Math Fairs at an OAME conference in Toronto in the Spring of 2005. Tanya Thompson from Pretty River Academy in Collingwood will be having a Math Fair in November which will be attended by Andy Liu. We hope to have some Ontario teachers observing that fair.

We have some video footage and are working on creating more at Math Fairs that will be held in November.

Tina Hohn at Grant MacKewan College in Edmonton is working on developing puzzles and problems for Math Fairs, to create a larger collection.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
Still to early to assess what we are doing to publicize and encourage the concept. We hope that the November Math Fair in Ontario will stimulate other fairs in Ontario in the following year.

We have attracted small support from numerous places. PIMS has financed the reprinting of the Math Fair booklet. Tina Hohn's work is supported by a grant from Grant MacKewan College. Trips to Ontario and elsewhere have been financed from other sources.

We have obtained a private grant equalling to the amount granted by the CMS for 2004.

Future Plans (if any):
Continue to work as we have. Print and distribute the French version of the Math Fair booklet. Prepare the video CD. Encourage Math Fairs in Ontario and BC. Refresh the problem collection. Hold a workshop in Banff to train. Publicize by speaking at international meetings.

CMS Grant $5000
Donation $5000

Expenses $ 0

So far we have been successful at financing our activities (in 2005) elsewhere. However, we have signed a contract for a translation of the Math Fair booklet and this will come from the funds we now have. Once we have that in hand we will be printing and distributing it. We expect to spend the rest of the money in 2005 and 2006 preparing and distributing a CD with video showing what Math Fairs are like.

Contact Name: J. G. Timourian

[October 5, 2005]