Title of Project: Saskatchewan Mathematics Challenge

Year of Competition: 2005

Grant amount: $2500

Project Duration: Multi-Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: 2005-2007

Description of Activity:
In partnership with the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society (SMTS), in 2004, the University of Regina (U of R) Mathematics and Statistics Department developed the Saskatchewan Mathematics Challenge, a mathematics contest for grades 8 through 10. As was the case last year, the exam itself had three parts, the last two of which were team events. This year (Spring 2005) the Challenge was held on the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) Campus and, once again, teams (with over 250 students in total) from schools all over the province met for a day on the campus. The contest was followed by an awards ceremony, recognizing the top ten individuals and teams at each of the three grade levels.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
For the Spring 2005 competition, leveraging of the Endowment Grant, led to the Saskatchewan Mathematics Challenge becoming a cooperative project of the U of R's Department of Mathematics and Statistics the SMTS, and the U of R's Faculties of Science Engineering and Education. Building on this success, in the Spring of 2006, the SMTS leveraged matching funds from the U of S and it now seems assured that the two provincial universities will continue on this partnership with the SMTS to hold the contest on their respective campuses in alternate years.

Overall, the day was a great success both for the participating students and for the development of a bond between the University and the SMTS.

Future Plans (if any):
A significant part of the CMS Endowment Grant was devoted to problem development; a problem bank, managed by the SMTS, has been started for use in subsequent year's exams. This will continue to be a focus of the Endowment funds in the last year of the grant.


CMS Endowment Grant and CARRYOVER from 2004:    $2500.00 + 152.46 = $2652.46

EXPENSES charged to CMS Endowment Grant
Professional fees and Honoraria (two teachers)$1000.00
Courier charges$5.01
Printing and duplicating$1061.79
Travel (Regina to Saskatoon re SMTS Meeting)$491.95

Endowment REVENUE less EXPENSES:   $93.71

Other funding leveraged:

University of Saskatchewan$3500.00
Registrations & SMTS Grant$1239.76

EXPENSES charged to leveraged funds
Awards, lanyards, SMTS T-shirts, etc.$1873.46
Snacks, lunches participants, administrators$1263.90
Honoraria for student markers (25 students)$1000.00
Supplies, advertising$139.60
Travel (marking administrator)$366.00

REVENUE less EXPENSES:   $0.00

Notes: the SMTS contributed enough to balance the budget outside of the CMS Endowment and its charged expenses; unused CMS funds ($93.71) will be committed to continued development of the exam.

Contact Name: Denis Hanson

[September 25, 2006]