Title of Project: Connecting Women in Math Across Canada

Year of Competition: 2004

Grant amount: $3000

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: Banff International Research Station (BIRS) Conference July 20-23, 2005

Description of Activity:
From July 20-23, 2005, the second Connecting Women in Mathematics Across Canada Conference was held at BIRS. There were 26 graduate students and 10 mentors. The graduate students each gave a 20min presentation or a poster on their work. The mentors ran panels and interacted with the students. The money from the endowments grant was used to help students with travel expenses to get to the conference.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
There is still some cause for concern at the number of excellent young scholars with a keen interest in mathematics that choose to leave the discipline. It is important to continue to work to improve the environment for all our young scholars, and this conference focused on giving young female mathematicians the opportunity to: (1) discuss the hurdles they have faced, or may face, and how to get over them. Through these dicussions we are looking for ideas that will help us flourish as a community and better mentor our young mathematicians. (2) present their work in a friendly, supportive environment. (3) interact with their peers and senior women in the field.

We feel that the Connecting Women in Mathematics Across Canada Program has been successful in many ways. In particular it has been a pleasure to see the number of women from our first workshop that continue to come to CMS meetings and have tenure track positions in universities across Canada.

Our program will not result in any direct publications.

We received support from BIRS and PIMS.

Future Plans (if any):
We are currently planning the Connecting Women in Math Across Canada III conference. At this conference we would like to bring together women and men at a variety of levels to address ways that we can improve the academic enviroment for all mathematicians, and in doing so, also improve the enviroment for women.

We are still working on reimbursing the students' costs, and will send you details as soon as it is finished. We apologize for the delay.

Contact Name: Judi McDonald

[September 30, 2005]