Title of Project: Winter Training Camp, 2004-2006

Year of Competition: 2003

Grant amount: $4000

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Final

Period Covered: 2003-04

Description of Activity:
The CMS' Winter Training Camp was held at York University on January 6-11, 2004. 15 high school students, including leading prospects for Canada's IMO team, attended. They participated in training, enrichment, and social activities. The program was largely organized by Bill Sands (Calgary) and Christopher Small (Waterloo). Students, organizers and trainers stayed in residence on the York campus. Training sessions were held in each morning, afternoon, and evening, through the final afternoon. The final dinner was a banquet, followed by entertainment at a game room on campus.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
The Winter Training Camp is an important part of the CMS' IMO training program,and a valuable addition to its correspondence training program. It allows talented math students from across Canada to get together in a stimulating and intensive environment, where they can learn more math skills and techniques that can be useful in competitions. It also gives IMO team leaders a first-hand opportunity get to know the top students, as well as the up-and-coming students, who will be candidates for the IMO team. This year the students all enjoyed the session, and by all reports it was a success. Five of the six students on Canada's 2004 IMO team were at the Winter Camp; one of them, Jacob Tsimerman, distinguished himself with a perfect score and a gold medal, while the others all received bronze medals or honorable mentions.

There was no other direct financial support, although York waived much of the expense for accomodation and rooms.

Future Plans (if any):
We hope to continue hosting the Winter Camp at York University in future years. Now that the Endowment Grant support is over, we need to turn to other sources of funding. Together with York's fund-raising office, we are trying to find private donors. If this fails, then it will be difficult for us to continue to host this event after 2005.


Calumet College bunkrooms$600.00
Closing banquet$395.31
Parking, local transportation, and driving to/from Waterloo$621.02

The Calumet College item above only covered accomodation for 7 of the participants (5 students and two trainers/chaperones). The rest of the participants were housed in Bethune College, and the accomodation fees for these participants were waived. Also, there were no charges for use of classroom space during the day.

Unused funds will be returned to the CMS.

Contact Name: Neal Madras

[July 27, 2004]