Title of Project: Mathematics with a Human Face

Year of Competition: 2001

Grant amount: $5,000

Project Duration: Multi-Year

Type of Report: Annual

Period Covered: to October 10, 2002

Description of Activity:
This is the first year of a three year grant to highlight the human face of mathematics. In the first year the proposal was to produce a web site and poster on the theme "Mathematical Careers", designed for students and teachers at the kindergarten to grade 12 levels.

In early 2002 an online submission form was developed and in March a call went out for participants. We were looking for people with a degree in mathematics and an interesting career. Data was collected and during the months of June and July a student was hired to organize the submissions and work with the participants to develop profiles for publication on the web site. During September the profiles were finalized, approved by the participants and were published on the web in October. The profiles can be viewed on Math Central, by following the Careers Page link.

Four participants have been selected for inclusion on the poster. Initial contacts have been made with a designer for the poster and work has begun to collect graphics and photographs to present to the designer.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
It is too early to assess the effectiveness of the web site, however initial reactions have been positive. Presentations of this project will be made to teachers in late October to a regional NCTM conference in Regina and the annual meeting of the Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers in Winnipeg. Reaction to the web site by teachers at these meetings will help gauge its effectiveness.

Future Plans (if any):
Our intent is to complete the poster as soon as possible, and have it mailed to schools throughout Canada. The web site and poster will also be publicized through Math Central and by presentations at teachers^Ò conferences. Once the poster is complete work will begin on a pamphlet for circulation in 2003.

The major expense to date has been for the student we hired during the summer. Approximately $1,000 of the $5,000 grant is yet unspent. Most of this will be used to hire the student to complete the profiles of participants who have submitted information since the summer of 2002.

Contact Name: Judi McDonald and Harley Weston

[October 10, 2002]