Title of Project: TAC Web Upgrade

Year of Competition: 2001

Grant amount: $2500

Project Duration: Single Year

Type of Report: Final

Period Covered: 2002

Description of Activity:
The web pages for Theory and Applications of Categories have been redesigned and considerable functionality added:
  • more complete information in abstracts has been added retrospectively
  • search function
  • longer term updatability

The clean design and proximity to content of the replaced pages is maintained.

Assessment of Effectiveness:
Readers of TAC will apprecieate the new design and functions.

The student employed improved his web design skills and learned some aspects of working in a Unix environment.

TAC is, of course, a publication.

The Mount Allison Computer Services Department is providing hardware support for the server upgrade and Mount Allison University has provided the refurbished computer for the server.

Future Plans (if any):
Enhanced pdf files.

About $1400 (detail is not available to me on the university system...) spent so far on student assistant wages. Will need $600 to complete server upgrade. Balance will go to monitor upgrade.

Contact Name: Bob Rosebrugh

[November 2, 2002]