CUMC-US Exchange Status Report

To date, we have completed the following tasks:

  1. Sent two students to Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Conference in the U.S. to observe its organisation and execution. We did not send students to the second conference in New York since the project members sent to the first one felt that little more information could be gained by attending a second.
  2. Preliminary procedures have been written for the CUMC.
  3. The CUPC Operations Manual has been obtained. This process took much longer than expected, due to difficulty in communicating with CAP and previous CUPC organisers to find a copy. Fortunately, the CUPC was held at the University of Manitoba this year and the manual was graciously photocopied for us by the current president. Unfortunately, no electronic copy could be located.

The following steps remain to complete the project:

  1. OCR scan the documentation of the CUPC (100+ pages).
  2. Extract pertinent information and tailor to operational situation of the CUMC.
  3. Collate the new document with CUMC specific materials prepared by project members.
  4. Edit the final document into a CUMC Operations Manual.
  5. Translate the manual into French.
  6. Print a number of copies for distribution to future organisers.

It is expected that the remaining work can be completed before the end of January.

Daniel Piché
Coordinator, CUMC-US Exchange Project
(Dec. 2, 2001)