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CMS Endowment Grants have helped AQJM spark an interest in math in over 16,000 students.

The CMS Endowment Grants fund projects that contribute to the broader good of the Canadian mathematical community. Since the program's inception in 1999, the CMS has awarded over $200,000 in grants to a wide variety of mathematical initiatives.

Projects funded by the Endowment Grants must be consistent with the interests of the CMS - to promote the advancement, discovery, learning and application of mathematics.

Applicants seeking funding for competitions are invited to apply to the
CMS Math Competition Grants.



An application form for the 2020 Endowment Grant competition will be made available here in early May.

The Endowment Grants Committee (EGC) considers funding one or multi-year proposals to a maximum of $2,500. The EGC tends to favour proposals where CMS funds can be leveraged or where applicants have no other natural funding to which they can apply.

An applicant may be involved in only one proposal per competition, and proposals must come from CMS members. In the case of a joint application, at least one applicant must be a CMS member.

Each application shall have a principal investigator (PI) who shall also serve as contact person on all matters connected with the application. The principal investigator will have signing authority for the grant and shall be responsible for submitting the final report. He or she is the person to whom we will acknowledge receipt of application and the person with whom all subsequent correspondence takes place. In the case of a successful application, it is to the PI that the cheque will be sent. It is the PI who is ultimately responsible for submitting a final report.

Creative, unique, innovative proposals have an advantage over projects that have a history of support from other sources. Applicants who sense that their proposal is truly different may find it beneficial to spend additional time on their applications. Stronger supporting arguments are likely to be most successful and attract the most funding.

Successful applications will be posted on the CMS website.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients are expected to provide periodic progress reports for their project, including financial details. The deadline for submission of reports is September 30. For multi-year funded projects, reports must be received and reviewed by the Endowment Grants Committee each year before additional funds can be released.

Reports may be submitted using the online report form.

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